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Our NEW sponsor DOG (Melker which is Male Labrador Retriever) has received his own GPS Runner II PRO device, and statistics will be uploaded to our WEB site. Complete statistics such as NMEA and GPS Runner II extended information will be uploaded later...

Due to heavy product changes, we can't deliver any Beta Test systems for the moment.

New battery design:
From now GPS Runner II products have rechargeable LI-ION batteries
for overall lower workout costs.
They can be recharged almost 1000 times!

New PACE function:
Now you can define Lenght, Time and km/h pace in the
GPS Runner II PRO version. If you run the marathon you can define your total
time and GPS Runner II will tell if your current pace is enough for reaching the defined end time. You can also define pace by avg km/h or a specific lenght. This is very useful if you need competion pace in you daily training sessions. It can also be used during competion's for maximal results.

New antenna design:
Our GPS Runner II PRO version now include a new active antenna. Pictures of new PRO version will be available Q1-2004.

New GPS Runner II PRO
with 98*64 pixels LCD !
New graphical LCD (98*64) with improved user information.
- New case with smaller size and weight.
Now with IR communication for easy transfer of saved data to your
PC analyse software
GPS Runner II Light from now have the same design as PRO version

Multi-User function:
GPS Runner II PRO new software now includes a function that keep track of more that one user, up to four(4) persons can store their own statistics in the same GPS Runner II PRO.

Now the GPS Runner II Light have been released. It gives all people with their own GPS receiver a cheap way to the GPS Runner II Technology engine functions.

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