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Price: 199 USD excl. VAT/Ship
GPS Runner II PRO is a complete all in one GPS sport watch which gives you the possibilities to see and follow-up all of your outdoor acticities, such as Running, Walking, Skiing, Biking, Roller Blades, Down Hill, Boat, Hiking etc.
The GPS Runners have many useful functions that SumedaTech develops during our product improvment program which is results from our products tests.
The PRO version is our top model which is a complete SPORT watch which includes a GPS receiver that keeps track of the users movement.All information can be downloaded to PC.
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GPS Runner II for outdoor activities
GPS Runner II PRO Beta version
Product number: PRO-30-A
Technical specification:
Size:  71x51x19mm
Weight: 100gr incl.batterie
GPS: Built in 12 Channel receiver,
          TTFF: < 45 Seconds
LCD: 102*64 Pixels
Backlight: Yes, Blue
PC Interface: Yes, RS-232

Antenna: Yes, built in
Thermometer: Yes, -20 to +40
                         degrees Celsius
Batterie: Li-Ion  3,6 V 750 mah,
Speed in Km/h or Miles per hour. Average Km time Memory for 200laps
PC- Download for later analyse Password protection Total track and time statistics
Trip statistics for distance and time Altitude information Temperature in celcius/fahrenheith
Calorie consumption Memory for storing activities PC statistic software included
Multi-User function (up to 4)
Possible  to keep your own statistics area bye the use of
Password and Userid.
Shows last 20 activities (Time , Length, Thermometer, Altitude, KM time, Type) Total statistics (Time, Calories, Length)
Trip Statistics (Time, Calories, Length) Average KM time LAST KM time
Fastest KM time Altitude information Track View that show the layout of the saved activities
Distance information Stop Watch (with change position possibilities) Pace function (Time, Lenght, Km/H)
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